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The History & Evolution of Japanese Beds

A brief history of Japanese BedsThe history of Japanese bed frames dates back to ancient t...

Pros And Cons Of Wooden Storage Beds

We believe that everyone deserves to have the bed of their dreams, regardless of the size of their room. We understand that storage is a ...

A Buying Guide to Space Saver Beds

Space saver bed frames are one of our absolute favorite space saving bedroom ideas, because they’re all about utilizing the space you h...

A Buying Guide to Platform Beds

While it may be a simple design, platform beds are becoming an increasingly popular choice for a variety of bedroom designs. These handma...

The Low Down on Low Beds: Our Ultimate Guide

We all want our bedrooms to be a tranquil space where we can unwind and rid ourselves of the stress from the day just gone. However, for ...

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Space With Beds For Loft Rooms

Converting your loft into an extra bedroom is a great way to make the most of your space. Whether you're looking for more space for guest...

Bed Design Tips: How To Dress a Bed Like A Hotel

Boutique hotels are a thing of luxury, but they come with a price tag. The alternative? Well, for just a fraction of the price, you can d...

How To Maintain Handcrafted Wooden Bed Frames and Keep Them Looking Their Best

Our handcrafted beds are investment pieces; quality solid wood beds with an ...

The History of the Christmas Tree

For many British families, decorating the Christmas tree often marks the beginning of the festive season. But what is this tradition all ...
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