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Mothers Day

  With Mothers Day on the horizon, once again, I’m sure a lot of people are stuck for gift ideas and feel their Mother is much more deserving than the customary flowers or perfume.  We here at get laid beds … Continue reading

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Sleeping During The Day

We’ve all been there; the office on Friday afternoon with hours to go before home time. You feel yourself nodding off and then BANG the phone rings and all of a sudden you are back in the room and wondering … Continue reading

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Why Are Sleeping Patterns So Important?

During these cold winter months the nights seem longer and the temptation to get into bed early at night or lie in each morning is just too great! But it is vital to give yourself a regular sleep pattern. Scientists … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day!

  “Why do birds suddenly appear”…Ahem, sorry about that. Yes folks, it’s that time of year again where Christmas is a distant memory and everyone’s focus is on the “L” word….LOVE! It’s almost Valentines day, the one day of the … Continue reading

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Mounted Feature Headboard Ideas

  At Get Laid Beds we have a range of different wooden bed frames without headboards that you can order in an array of stunning colours to place up against existing or homemade headboards. A couple of examples of these … Continue reading

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How A Get Laid Bed Is Made

  Each of our handmade wooden bed frames is manufactured by a team of highly skilled craftsmen (not robots). When you have chosen your bed frame and an order is placed, your brand new bed frame is born and so … Continue reading

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Monthly Photo Competition

  Monthly Photo Competition At Get Laid Beds we hold a monthly photo competition for our customers to win a £100. We get a range of creative and artistic photographs that we upload to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter for … Continue reading

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