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Trouble Sleeping?

  It is important for people to wind down after a long day and many of us like to count sheep, watch TV or settle down with a good book before we go to sleep. But studies have shown that … Continue reading

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Why You Love Get Laid Beds

We love hearing what you’ve got to say about your new Get Laid Bed and we thought we’d share some of our favourite reviews from the last couple of months. Marcus says “I ordered a Four Poster Classic bed for … Continue reading

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The Low Down: The Low Loft and Low Modern Beds

Low Bed Frames might not be the first style you imagine when thinking about buying a new bed but they are a very popular choice and an excellent idea for many reasons: Firstly they are a wonderful way of creating … Continue reading

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There Was 7 In The Bed And The Little One Said

  Curious to what a 9 foot Super Caesar size bed frame looks like in real life? I know I was when I joined the Get Laid Beds team. This is a picture of our hardworking workshop team having a … Continue reading

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Feng Shui Your Home

  Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy in which it is believed total harmony can be achieved and shared by everyone through the organisation and ‘flow’ of their surroundings. We all know that a clean and tidy workspace is … Continue reading

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Sleep In Style!

  The Four Poster Bed is a sign of style and sophistication, and for centuries has been a statement of wealth.  Many Kings, Queens and Dignitaries demanded nothing less.  A lot of people still see a Four Poster Bed as … Continue reading

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Change Your Bedding In Record Time!

  Who Says Food And Bed Don’t Mix?! Most people hate having to make their beds – especially kids. They think that putting clean bed sheets on is boring and a chore, often leaving it up to poor old Mum … Continue reading

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  In case you haven’t heard we’re having a big January Sale with discounts up to 50% off selected handmade wooden bed frames. We have a range of unique bed frames in this sale including our Floating Wooden Bed Frame … Continue reading

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