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The Key To An Excellent Night’s Sleep

Each and every year there are new and improved sleep studies that are constantly revising new research on the benefits of a great night’s sleep and just how to achieve this luxury. However, there are many things that can be … Continue reading

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Allergy Awareness Week: Our Range of Mattresses

This week is Allergy Awareness Week so we thought it may be best if we could advise those who suffer with allergies on the best mattress type for them. As you spend a third of your life on a mattress … Continue reading

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Celebrities That Look Like Mattresses

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Earth Day: The Environmental Day Of The Year

  Yesterday, April 22nd was Earth Day which is a day organised by the Earth Day Network which aims to ‘inform and energise populations so they will act to secure a healthy future for themselves and their children.’ Earth Day … Continue reading

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The Low Tokyo Bed – A Stylish Low Wooden Bed Frame

The Low Tokyo Bed is similar in design to our Low Oriental Bed. This handmade wooden bed frames sits only 4 inches off the floor and can therefore be used in a variety of settings such as within attic or … Continue reading

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Our Low Loft Bed – Perfect For Attic Rooms

Our Low Loft Bed is one of our lowest bed frames in our handmade wooden bed frame, only slightly taller than our modern and contemporary Low Modern Bed. The Low Loft Bed would make an ideal choice for tight spaces … Continue reading

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Low Four Poster Bed – Create A Statement With This Elegant Bed Frame

Our Low Four Poster Bed is a highly stylish bed frame and one of my personal favourites here at Get Laid Beds. This bed is a simple and elegant version of the classic English Four Poster Bed which dates back … Continue reading

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Our Pocket 9000 Mattress – Top Of The Range – Super Supportive And Luxuriously Comfortable

Our Pocket 9000 Mattress is our most elite mattress which epitomises the utmost in luxury comfort and fantastic support. This mattress instantly exudes quality with its carefully selected and uniquely chosen materials and fillings such as silk and cashmere. The … Continue reading

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Our Kings Bed – A Bed Fit For A King

Our Kings Bed frame is a solid wood shaker style bed that features a deep recess for your mattress. This stylish concealed arrangement is ideal for normal thickness mattresses and special deep mattresses alike to provide an excellent sleeping surface … Continue reading

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Our Luxury Latex Foam Mattress – Body Contouring Support And Comfort

Our Luxury Latex Foam Mattress is the epitome in mattress design and as the increase of latex foam mattress awareness has risen within the industry so has the interest in purchasing a latex foam mattress. Our Luxury Latex Foam Mattress … Continue reading

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