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Our Stylish And Elegant Low Sleeper Bed

  Perfect for the kids, a guest room or even for yourself – our handmade low sleeper beds come with a list of advantages. Here we have compiled a list of reasons why we feel a low bed is the … Continue reading

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Dreams. What are they and why do we have them?

  Dreams can be a gallery of images, ideas, emotions and feelings that take place subconsciously in your brain whilst you sleep. There are two main cycles of sleep which occur throughout the night, non-rapid-eye sleep (NREM) and rapid-eye sleep … Continue reading

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Wooden Beds That Last! ..and guaranteed for eleven years

  At Get Laid Beds we take pride in manufacturing and selling high quality wooden bed frames which are simple yet robust and fit for any purpose. Right from choosing the best materials, the manufacturing process to the choice of … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Memory-Foam and Latex Foam Mattresses

  Over recent years, we are seeing more and more people opting for memory-foam or latex-foam mattresses over the traditional open coil spring or pocket coil spring mattresses and the reasons are clear to see. Although the majority of mattresses … Continue reading

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