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Low Oriental Bed (Space Saving)

Low Oriental Bed (Space Saving)
Honey (Satin Stain) Finish
Low Oriental Bed (Space Saving)
Low Oriental Bed (Space Saving)
Low Oriental Bed (Space Saving)

Low Oriental Bed (Space Saving)


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The Handmade Low Oriental Space Saving Bed Frame
The Low Wooden Oriental Space Saving Bed is an excellent choice which has proven very popular due to their space-efficient design. With a low level and modern looking appearance, our space saving beds have been designed so that the mattress sits on top of the frame rather than within it. This overall reduces the footprint that the bed takes up, helping you to save valuable floor space. The design also features a small headboard which offers the necessary support and comfort and makes the bed truly perfect for your master bedroom.
Why Choose A Space Saving Wood Bed?
Choosing a space-saving bed is the ideal option for those looking for a bed frame to fit in awkward spaces in their home. Because of the design which our Low Oriental Space Saving Bed offers. Another excellent benefit is that two spacer saving beds can be pushed together, making a larger bed without a gap, which is a great option for guest rooms where the option of switching between bed sizes can be very beneficial. All our wooden Space Saving Beds are handmade in Britain. We use mortise and tenon joints which offer the highest strength, guaranteeing a durable bed frame every time. There’s a large amount of bed frame sizes to choose from, ranging from a very small bed frame all the way up to an exclusive Super-Caesar bed size, the utmost luxury in bed frame sizes.
Custom Bed Options
With each of our wood beds being handmade to order we’re able to offer various different customization options on all our bed frames. With a selection of colors to choose from there’s plenty of options to make a bed frame personal to you. Such color finishes include smooth black, stunning white, natural Sandy and professional grey, all of which have been popular amongst our customers. We are also able to offer to make your wood bed frame from our range of hardwood options. These include popular choices as Solid Oak, Walnut and Ash. We also offer bespoke options and alterations service, so you can get the exact bed size or change of design you want. We always aim for you to personalize your bed frame, and this lets you do just that.
Similar Bed Designs To The Low Oriental Space Saving Bed
If you’re looking for a design which is like the Low Oriental Space Saving Bed, but without a headboard then our Platform Bed (Space Saving) is a great alternative for you. This has all the benefits of the Low Oriental Space Saving Bed, but without a headboard for those who don’t want one, or would prefer to utilise their own. Also very similar, losing only the space saving feature, is our wood Low Oriental Bed. This has the same features which has made the space saving beds so popular, but doesn’t have the overall reduced size. If you’d prefer a larger headboard our Low Tokyo Bed is certainly the one to look at. This is still a low bed, but has a heightened headboard for even more support. 
Please note: Bedding is not included with this wood bed frame.

Low Oriental Space Saver Wooden Bed Frame Sizes and Dimensions



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