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White Knight Bed (Space Saving)

White Knight Bed (Space Saving)
Grey Wash (Satin Stain) Finish
White Knight Bed (Space Saving)
White Knight Bed (Space Saving)
White Knight Bed (Space Saving)
White Knight Bed (Space Saving)
White Knight Bed (Space Saving)

White Knight Bed (Space Saving)


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The Handmade Wood White Knight Space Saving Bed
The White Knight Bed (Space Saving) is the adequate counterpart to the original platform White Knight Bed frame style. Helping to brighten and modernise any bedroom, the minimalist appearance has proven very popular and is known for its ability to make rooms feel a lot more spacious. This lustrous wood bed frame will adorn spare bedrooms, guest bedrooms and master bedrooms alike. 
White Knight Space Saver Wooden Bed Frame
Why Choose A Space Saving Bed?
Built with the purpose of saving space, the White Knight (Space Saving) aims to reduce the amount of floor space it takes up, thanks in part to inset frame design. The total width of the bed frame is reduced and the mattress is designed to sit on top of the frame instead of inside it. Saving that precious space you would previously have lost with a standard sized frame.
Custom Bed Options
We can alter the size of the White Knight so it suits you perfectly. Just like every other one of our wood bed frames, we provide bespoke alterations and easily hand-craft your bed to your order requirements. Allowing us to provide complete customisation options for your White Knight Bed frame to cater to your precise specifications. All of our beds are handmade in the heart of England by our expert craftsmen. We’re so sure of the durability of our frames, that we accompany each and every wood bed we produce with an 11 Year Guarantee.
Beds Similar To The White Knight Space Saving Bed
The White Knight Space Saving is the efficient version of our original White Knight Bed. However, this is not the only bed frame we offer in our incredible space saving bed frame range. If you like the concept of the space saver but fancy something a little lower in height to the ground, our Low Oriental Space Saving Bed may be the one for you.


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