Types Of Dreams

Dreams affect every person on the planet, we have over 100,000 dreams throughout our lifetime! Dreams are series of thoughts, images, and sensations that occur in a person’s mind during sleep. Dreams give you more of an insight into your mind as dreams are your brain’s way of telling you something.


Daydreams are the most common type of dream. The average person tends to daydream between one to two hours per day. It occurs when you are awake but when you tend to be bored, this means that you let your imagination run wild and you get lost in your fantasy. Daydreams aren’t necessarily a bad thing as it is a good stimulant for the brain, but hopefully it isn’t distracting you from your work too much.


A nightmare is an unpleasant dream that causes you to wake up feeling scared. Research has proven that  nightmares tend to occur on a person that has experienced a traumatic involvement in their lifetime, or are going through a rocky relationship. Most people tend to experience nightmares at a younger age although they can still be frequent in adulthood.

Lucid Dreams:

Lucid dreams occur when you realise that you are dreaming. Whereas some dreamers have mastered the skill  of controlling their mind in this lucid state, allowing them to make decisions in their dreams and to influence the dream’s outcome without waking up properly. You basically learn the ability to control your own dreams, but apparently this is very tough to master.

Recurring Dreams:

Recurring dreams are dreams that you experience over and over again. These dreams do tend to be quite negative and can be experienced as a way to influence you into solving a problem in your life. So if you do manage to find a solution to the problem, then the recurring dream should stop.

Epic Dreams:

Epic dreams are a very interesting prospect, tend to be highly vivid and memorable. They have the power to stay with you for a lifetime. When you wake up from an epic dream, you tend to feel you have experienced something substantial. It feels like a life-changing experience. These are very rare and mainly tend to occur during childhood as at a young age you tend to have a much wilder imagination.


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