Get Laid Beds Bedding Range

The Get Laid Beds bedding range is an extensive and high quality collection of fine, handmade products perfectly suited to compliment and complete your bed. Despite the Get Laid Beds focus on wooden beds, we also offer a wide range of high quality handmade mattresses, amongst other items of bedding.  It’s important to us that we provide the broadest, best quality service possible to our customers.

We offer a variety of luxurious pillows, each with different qualities and benefits. We have Microfibre Pillows, Hollowfibre Pillows, Memory Microfibre Foam Pillows, Goose Feather and Goose Down Pillows. Varying in levels of softness and support, it’s important to take a look at each one individually to make sure you choose the one that’s just right for you and your needs in these two areas respectively. For example, if you’re looking for increased support, then you would be more likely to go for the Memory Microfibre Foam Pillows, as they shape themselves comprehensively around you over time, providing reliable, customised support.

With all pillows there are our excellent handmade cotton pillow cases. Using high quality cotton, these pillowcases are handmade to fit for your Get Laid Beds Pillows. It’s unlikely that you’ll have trouble getting to sleep when you’re laying your head down onto one of these pillowcases. They’re extremely soft, and smooth to the touch. Our pillowcases are made from 100% cotton and have a thread count of 200, which means they enter the bracket of a high quality product but with a competitive price too.

If you want to that extra level of precautionary security for your pillows too, Get Laid Beds offers Pinsonic Pillow Protectors. Zip them up around your pillows to protect them from wear and tear, and don’t worry about stains, as the Pinsonic Pillow Protectors are moisture and stain resistant. If you’ve got kids who like to make a mess, these can help to ease your worry a little when the pillowfights inevitably start.

Get Laid Beds also has 100% cotton mattress sheets, so it’s not just your head that’s receiving luxury treatment. With a 200 thread count, both the Flat Mattress Sheet and the Fitted Mattress Sheet are good choices for comfort. They’re soft to the touch and available in a range of different sizes, in accordance with the range of sizes available in the Get Laid beds mattress range. These come hand in hand with the Microfibre Mattress Topper, if you want that added protection for your mattress in the long term. It’s also soft and plush, providing you with another layer of comfort. This is also available in a more plush and luxury form, providing more coverage too. The Get Laid Beds Fitted Mattress Protector is a customer favourite.

Finally, these two products fit together perfectly. The Get Laid Beds 100% Cotton Duvet Cover is the final touch to the luxury range we provide. Available in whatever size duvet you order from out wide and diverse range of duvet fillings and tog ratings, the entire Get Laid Beds Bedding range is dedicated to providing you with the utmost of comfort.

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