Our Give Back Campaign

Our Work with the ITF

We’re excited to announce our continued partnership with the International Tree Foundation, who have been established since 1922 and work across the globe planting trees in communities to support their growth. We are honored to be working as part of their 20 million tree project where their mission is to plant 20 million trees by 2024. We’re giving our customers the opportunity to plant trees as part of their wooden bed frame order while offering savings at the same time. Continue reading

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Our Efficient Underbed Storage Boxes

underbed storage

We strive to ensure all our products are designed with efficiency and a purpose in mind. One popular wood bed accessory is our underbed storage boxes. Designed for utilizing your underbed space, their clever and attractive design ensures you have a place to put away your loose items and utilize the spare space under your existing Get Laid Bed frame.

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4 Ways We Can Help You Personalize Your Bed Frame

customised bed

Are you struggling to find a bed frame that meets your personal requirements? Our aim is to resolve this issue by handcrafting all our wood beds to order to allow for personalization of your bed frame. Here are 4 ways you are able to achieve the stunning bed frame you desire.

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Handcrafted Full Size Wood Beds

Our aim at Get Laid Beds is to provide a wide choice of wood beds sizes to cater for any bedroom. One such choice is our full size wood beds, an excellent option for couples. All our wood bed frames are handcrafted in Britain to order, ensuring only the best quality. We have a team of expert craftsmen in our workshop who uses a variety of methods handed down the generations which guarantee not only strength but also a stunning aesthetic finish.

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How To Choose The Right Bed Frame For You

choosing the right bed for you

When it comes to buying a wood bed, there as so many different factors to consider. There’s so much that can affect the buying decision. Our mission is to make the whole process easy and the following guide has been written along with expert advice to help you choose the right bed frame for you.

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Elegantly Handcrafted Four Poster Canopy Beds

handmade canopy bed

Our speciality is designing and handcrafting only the best possible wood bed designs. Part of our stunning bed collection is our elegantly handcrafted Four Poster Canopy Beds. Handcrafted here in Britain to the highest quality standards and with the Get Laid Bed 11 year guarantee, you can be sure the wood bed designs are built to last.

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Save Space with the Stylish Low Platform Bed (Space Saving)

space saving bed

One of our key understandings as a wood bed manufacturer is for many, saving space is an absolute must. This is why we created our handcrafted Space Saving Bed range. A collection of carefully designed bed frames built for those who are short on space in their bedroom. These are all lovingly handcrafted to order in Britain and are guaranteed to last.

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Guaranteed Quality – 11 Year Warranty On All Bed Frames

11 year structural guarantee

We specialise in designing and carefully hand making wood beds. All these are handmade to the highest quality standards. We’re so certain in this craftsmanship that we offer an 11-year structural guarantee with all our bed frames. So, how exactly do we guarantee this quality every time?

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Our Low Oriental Is The Ideal Kids Bed

Low Oriental bed for your childs bedroom

If you’re looking for the perfect wood bed for your child’s bedroom then our Low Oriental Bed is the ideal solution. This style is perfect for your child in a variety of ways. We have a vast array of handmade British bed frames for you to choose from. Each is handcrafted to order and is great for various different scenarios. 

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Wild Animals And Their Sleeping Habits

animal sleeping habits

As humans we need an average of around eight hours of sleep per night to enable us to function properly, most animals differ to humans, sleeping in different positions and for varying lengths of time. Bats generally sleep for 20 hours out of a whole day whilst in comparison giraffes sleep for less than 2 hours per day, and whilst we are completely zonked out whilst asleep, some animals like whales and seals shut of only portions of their brain at a time, keeping half their mind at work at all times.

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